Confidence + Dedication = Success

Find out how our gym can make you more successful

Everyone defines success in different ways. Whether your version of success is losing a couple of pounds or preparing yourself for a marathon, the pros at CDS Fitness can help you achieve your goals. With competitive rates and modern equipment, you can make our gym your new fitness home.

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Offering an interactive approach to personal training

For over four years, we've welcomed beginners, student-athletes and gym rats. No matter your fitness background, our trainers can customize an effective exercise program for you.

Think of our trainer as your:

Workout partner - unlike at other gyms, our trainers will do a lot of the workouts with you
Motivator - when you think you can't do another rep, rely on our trainer to cheer you on
Coach - if you don't know where to get started, trust our trainers to show you the ropes

Take the limits off yourself - connect with one of our personal trainers today to find out what your body is capable of.

A healthy body won't happen overnight

Working out is about more than just lifting weights, taking a run and going home. To start seeing improvements in your health, you need to:

Be a picky eater - choose to start eating healthier
Stay accountable - find a workout buddy to motivate you
Start at the right level - gradually increase your workout intensity

Exercise is a marathon, not a sprint. Start your fitness journey with us by scheduling your first training session today.