Build Muscle and Form Friendships

Stay accountable by joining our group training sessions

If one-on-one work out sessions with a personal trainer aren't ideal for you, consider coming to one of our group classes. At CDS Fitness, we believe that people are more motivated to exercise when they have support from their peers. That's why we set up interactive group training sessions.

Find workout partners and develop healthy exercise habits by signing up for a training class today.

Learn the basics of our group training sessions

Learn the basics of our group training sessions

Warm-up, power phase, strength phase and conditioning - join our group training class to have a team of people going through it all with you. Want to know more about our sessions? Check out these commonly asked questions about our group training:

  • How long are the training sessions? Each group class is roughly 45 minutes long.
  • How many people are in each class? There are never more than six people in a session.
  • How can these classes help you? Our goal is to help you lose weight and build confidence.

To sign up for one of our group training sessions, call 205-860-5105 today to speak with our personal trainer.